Stories and dialogues generated by AI

Learning a language by listening to stories and practicing dialogues is very effective, especially if they contain words and phrases that you have learned and know. This helps you solidify the meaning of the words you’ve learned and see how words function in real language. At Taalhammer, we generate short stories and dialogues for you using artificial intelligence. 

You don’t have to do anything extra, just repeat in learning mode (or in listening mode), and every now and then we’ll serve you a story. If you work with our Creator and add your own words and sentences, these stories will include this content as well.

In the settings you can see if you already have any generated stories. In your stream, after about thirty minutes of learning, there will be a collection with the title “Generated.” If you want to see how many such stories you already have, go to the language directory, and click on “My collections.” In the desktop version, you can preview their content, and even edit them.