Language Radio: How to practice listening comprehension

Taalhammer has a special mode for practicing listening comprehension that allows you to do several types of exercises. Studies show that repetition on the move enhances memorization. Use this mode while cycling, walking, running or working out at the gym. 

To start the exercise, simply press “Start.” Our algorithm plans the playlist in such a way that it will first play the words and sentences you have trouble learning and those you have created yourself in the Creator.

First you will hear the source language, and then silence. During the silence, try saying aloud (if possible), or in your mind, the translation into the target language. Then you will hear the correct translation. Compare it with your version. Finally, repeat the translation again. 

You can practice on any content, whether it’s content you’ve created yourself or content provided by Taalhammer. Replaying items you have previously learned greatly speeds up your learning.