Interleaving: grammar references, verbs and stories

Mixing elements of different types while learning a language is the most counterintuitive and surprising part of learning. It may initially give the impression of even slowing us down as we learn, but in fact it increases your long-term memorization. Our core collections are prepared with this in mind. 

As you learn, they sneak in words and sentences in addition to:

  • short references to grammar that help organize information in your memory;  
  • verbs conjugated by persons and tenses, which help you construct your own sentences faster;
  • short stories using the words you are learning (which facilitate listening comprehension and consolidate the meaning of words in context).

You can mix all the content with your own (which you create in the Creator), or other Core or thematic collections, which you can find in the language catalog, in the topic section. All content, both those you subscribe to and those you add, will be mixed and laid out by our algorithms to make it easier and faster to remember.