How to import content from CSV

Adding and learning your own content is one of the secrets of polyglots. In Taalhammer, you can add your words and sentences not only individually, but also by importing them from other programs or courses using a comma-separated file, or so-called CSV.

First, prepare the CSV file for import. You can use Google Spreadsheets for this, for example. The file should contain two columns: the source language and the target language. In the header of each column, provide the ISO code of the language in that column (e.g. “nl” for Dutch, “en” for English, “de” for German etc.). You can find codes and examples on our site. Here you will find a link to an example CSV file. Now export the contents as a file by clicking File > Download > CSV.

When the CSV file is ready, go to the collection view and press the “Import” button. Select the exported file from your disk and confirm. After a while, your content will be in the collection and you can start repeating it in learning or listening mode. You can also easily share this content with other users.