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Learning as putting bigger blocks together 

If you’re interested in learning languages, you’re probably already familiar with the theory that traditional (or “school”) methods of learning a language are, to put it mildly, only moderately effective. Well, it’s true. 

If we mostly focus only on memorizing the vocabulary of a lesson and grammar rules, it goes against the natural process of language acquisition. 

This is because our adult brain is better at memorizing ready-made phrases or frequently used sentences. Such sentences, phrases, or expressions function as prefabricated language, or so-called formulaic sequences

You can find out what these “prefabs” are by doing a google search for phrases such as “ten thousand sentences method” or “sentence mining”. 

This “construction” analogy comes from the fact that, like on the construction site of a house, for example, or an apartment block, we use ready-made blocks to speed up the process.  

Why isn’t grammar everything?

In a nutshell, short-term memory is fast enough to build sentences “on the fly” from memorized words, but it is too weak to remember all the rules. Long, unconscious memory, on the other hand, is large enough, but does not understand the rules.  

Learning via “dry” rules (even if you also solve exercises) is a bit like learning to ride a bicycle by reading about balance and uniformly accelerated motion. Or learning music by just reading the notes, but without listening. 

Adult brains are much more attuned to acquiring language through ready-made phrases and structures – that is, prefabricated pieces. 

Take, for example, auctioneers at a bidding war, whose speed reaches 250 words per minute, double that of normal speech. To achieve this speed, they train prefabricated phrases of varying lengths. It is estimated that 80–90% of what they say is just prefabricated language. 

Why not replicate the exact same method for learning a foreign language? 

How “prefabricated” beats vocabulary cramming 

In these times of permanent lack of time and an excess of options to choose from, it’s worth abandoning outdated and overly time-consuming methods. 

As research in the field of linguistics shows, learning through semi-ready linguistic constructions (which make up the bulk of the language we use every day) yields much better results in the long run than the traditional approach. 

Especially when combined with spaced repetitions and interleaved learning.

Remember that learning a language is a process that takes time and effort, but with the right strategy you can quickly and permanently master the most important aspects of a new language.

Working on ready-made phrases is precisely one of Taalhammer’s biggest advantages over similar applications. 

80% of the language is contained in this number

Tests we’ve conducted with Taalhammer have shown that just 1,000 words or so and about 3,000 sentences make it possible to create learning material that contains about 80% of the most commonly used words and combinations, such as phrases, tenses, questions, negations, etc.  

This is what makes learning with Taalhammer so simple and intuitive. Not only have we based our methods on scientific research, but we have tested them by investing thousands of hours in this way of learning.

If mastering 3,000 sentences sounds like a lot of strenuous work to you, that’s because it is. 

Unless, of course, you have an effective learning tool. 

At Taalhammer, we have developed a proprietary interval repetition algorithm with which you can easily master these sentences, just like thousands of our users.

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