How to harness the potential of AI in language learning

Fluency up to 2–3 times faster? Find out how, with a single app, you can easily and effectively combine AI with traditional learning methods.

Artificial intelligence is undeniably a great tool for learning a language, but it has one drawback – it won’t replace the need to repeat and converse in the language.  

With AI, it’s easy to start a conversation with a chatbot, but without discipline and a concrete plan for learning, it’s just as easy to get bored and start looking for another “magic” method. 

So ChatGPT (and similar solutions) are a good exercise as a preparation for talking to a human, but they will not replace it in the learning process.

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Technology-assisted language learning is nothing new. The difference, however, is that it has never been as helpful as it is today. We now have tools such as automatic translation (DeepL, Google Translate), semantic sentence search (Tatoeba), intelligent repetition algorithms (Anki), text-to-speech conversion (Google, Elevenlabs) and text generation (ChatGPT or Gemini). The problem with this approach is that all these tools are not synchronized and using them separately requires a lot of effort and much more time. 

How Taalhammer combines different AI functions in one application 

So in Taalhammer, to solve this problem, we used different types of artificial intelligence and integrated everything into one platform, combining this with the latest research on effective adult learning. 

When using different learning techniques, it can be easy to miss the fact that repetition is basically the only effective way to memorize in the long term. 

Therefore, to improve your language skills, repeat material at intervals suggested by the proprietary Spaced Repetition algorithm in the Taalhammer app.

How does it work? First of all, the algorithm learns along with you and predicts the next repetitions based on your own evaluation. If you repeat regularly, easier vocabulary words and sentences will, after some time, begin to appear less and less often, and more complicated ones will appear more often

In addition, if you want to expand the database of words (or phrases) in a particular area, just type in a word or phrase, and Taalhammer will show you whole groups of sample sentences that you can add to your repetitions with one click

Built-in translator and integration with ChatGPT

Another useful feature at your disposal is the built-in translator.

Have an idea for a sample sentence in English, but not sure how it will sound in the target language? 

Type that sentence in the app and with one click translate it using the AI translator

You can also use the text-to-audio converter and add short recordings with voiceover to your phrase base.  

What’s more, we have implemented ChatGPT functionality for generating short stories. The way it works is that you enter words and phrases you are interested in in the app, and Taalhammer automatically generates short stories based on this vocabulary. You can convert them to audio, and then repeat them on Language Radio. 

This way, by using natural storytelling techniques, the human brain is able to remember words and phrases even more efficiently. 

Focus on the essentials 

At Taalhammer, we’ve done the hard work for you so that you don’t have to do it anymore. 

We’ve used different types of artificial intelligence and integrated everything into one platform, combining it with the latest research on effective adult learning

This allows YOU to focus on what matters most: repetition, adding your own learning content based on YOUR interests, and listening with Taalhammer radio, for example.

Although personalizing content is one of the most effective methods of absorbing information, not everyone is comfortable with it. If you’re one of those people who prefers to use existing materials, no problem! 

Taalhammer offers more than 100 thematic modules at different levels.

“The language of love and flirting,” “Business language,” “The language of travel,” or “The language needed after moving to another country” are just some of the available topics. 

Join the revolution in language learning and try Taalhammer in a limited 6-month offer, i.e. 6 months of using the full functionality of the app for only €39!