Feeling a lack of progress in language learning no matter how hard you try?

Here’s how to break the intermediate curse. In this mini-article, we introduce you to 3 effective techniques that will accelerate your development and transition to the advanced level.

In language learning (as in many other areas of life), what got you from point A to B won’t necessarily work in moving from B to C. If you keep using the same methods, you can get stuck at the intermediate level (that is, in simple terms, B1 or B2) for many years.

To get started, we’re giving you a six-month special deal to see for yourself what advantage you gain by using Taalhammer compared to other apps. Take advantage of this one-time offer and forget about monotonous grammar and impractical words.

One of the things polyglots do that most language learners don’t is that at later stages they no longer rely on existing materials, but create their own.

How to implement your own development path 

One of the best ways to personalize learning is to prepare for specific “mini-conversations.” Examples of such mini-conversations include scenarios like:

  • You go abroad and talk to new people you meet in town or on the beach about your or their work and career goals. 
  • Do you like to buy flowers for someone close to you? Learn all about the vocabulary associated with buying flowers. Learn the names of all the popular flowers and all the phrases related to buying and even caring for them. 
  • Going to a party? Practice phrases that will help you become the life and soul of the party. Master phrases like “have a drink,” “get a round,” or “party until dawn.”  
  • Going to the mountains for skiing? Learn how to say “get off the slopes,” “rent equipment,” or “hire an instructor.”

For each topic that comes to mind, find as many words, phrases or expressions as possible and apply the Taalhammer editor. After a few staggered repetitions, you will quickly and permanently master a topic. 

Motivation or your false friend

As a rule, any motivation is good, but only as long as it comes from you (intrinsic motivation). That is, if you yourself really want to learn a language. 

However, learning takes time and dedication, and as research shows, motivation is often fleeting. That’s why discipline is the key to success. 

Maintain regularity even if you feel you don’t want to. That’s the only way you’ll see progress, which in turn will fuel new motivation to learn

Realistic expectations vs. marketing. 

Remember, too, that contrary to the promises of many language apps, 5-10 minutes of learning a day is an illusion of progress

While it’s a great way to get into the habit of learning at first, you’ll need to spend about an hour a day studying to achieve tangible results

According to many studies, you need about 700 hours of study to achieve fluency in a foreign language. By studying one hour a day you will achieve success in two years, while if you spend two hours a day studying, you will reach your goal after a year of work.

If you want to achieve this goal without falling into the trap of “perpetual student” or burnout, rely on a proven system based on the latest technology and scientific methods.

Personalize learning with Taalhammer’s tools 

Taalhammer offers an AI Creator that helps you easily and intuitively create your own subject blocks and add them to the rest of your materials. 

In practice, this means you type in a sentence you want to learn in English and with one click translate it into Dutch, German, or Italian (or any language you’re learning). You then add this sentence to your block of material and learn based on repetition. 

That’s not all. You also have at your disposal an advanced text-to-audio converter, which does the same thing as the AI Wizard mentioned above, but converts your text into high-quality audio with a voiceover. Later, you can manually add this audio to your materials and repeat it in learning mode or in Language Radio. 

In addition to 10 million sample sentences to search, Taalhammer also offers more than 100 thematic modules at different levels.

“The language of love and flirtation,” “Business language,” “The language of travel,” or “The language needed after moving to another country” are just some of the available topics. 

In addition, if you feel that you don’t know where words end and where they begin, Taalhammer offers the so-called Language Radio, which fantastically complements our repetition system. You can turn it on with one click and occupy your hands with something else.

That’s why Language Radio is great in the car, on the bus, or simply while you’re on the move: on a walk, at the gym, or jogging.

Listening mode is also recommended for the reason that playing sports causes significant changes in brain biology. By increasing oxygen flow and the number of neurotransmitters, information retention is significantly increased.

With Taalhammer, you don’t need any other tools to create your own personalized foreign language course. 

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