Core and topic collections

Effective language learning requires learning the so-called core of the language and the periphery. The core are the most common words and phrases in the language (there are about a thousand of them), and the periphery are words and phrases specific to a particular topic. Think of it this way: every person has different language needs, depending on their interests. The language of a musician is different from that of an engineer, which is different from that of a businessman. What they have in common is the same core; what makes them different is the periphery. With Taalhamer, you can train in both parts.

In the language catalog, under the “Core” filter, you’ll find collections for training in the core, or foundations, such as the most commonly used words and structures. Here you also practice grammar and verb variety. This includes vocabulary phrases and grammatical constructions from A0 level to B1 level. 

In the “Topic” section, you will find thematic collections, such as “Language of love and flirtation” and “Language of travel.” These collections will allow you to practice speaking on specific topics.