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Taalhammer is your personal language acquisition trainer, born out of a passion for language learning. It is backed by science, powered by AI technology, and verified by experience. Join us in our mission!

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What we heard from our customers

Michał Sochański 24 april

It just hammers the language into my head. I speak more fluently and confidently.

Iga, Krzysztof, Edyta and 21 others


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Language learners!

Everyone has the talent for language

At Taalhammer, we understand the struggles and challenges of language learning. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to mastering the art of language acquisition.

With years of personal experience and extensive testing of various methods and content, we have developed a system that truly works.

Taalhammer Language Learning Platform

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Learn a Language!
And not Only Vocabulary and Grammar

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Learn fast

Boost your language skills by working on our curated content, organized for easier acquisition and longer retention.

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Create easily

Learn what’s relevant for you.
Search through examples and the content you have created yourself. Translate and add your own content to shape your learning.

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Remember everything

Train your memory with Taalhammer’s repetition engine and acquire loads of words, phrases and sentences.

What does science say?

What does science say?

Spaced repetition and interleaving
Experimental research on learning and memory shows that you will remember 95% if you space out your repetitions in time, and mix categories like phrases, collocations, sentences, conjugation etc.
Full sentence practice
Train how to build sentences fluently by practicing and remembering dozens of sentences, such as affirmations, questions, negations, hypotheses etc.
Comprehensible input
To speed up acquisition, everything you practice is adjusted to your level. We serve you content so that you understand at least 70% of it, which keeps you engaged and challenged, but never confused.
1000 words
700 phrases
3300 sentences
200 hours

Achieve Fluency in Record Time

Are you tired of feeling stuck at beginner level in your language learning journey? 

Our innovative program is designed to take you from zero to a strong conversational level in as little as 250 hours. 

With our personalized approach, you can progress at your own pace and achieve fluency on your terms.

Start Your Fluency Journey Today.


What we heard from You

After studying with Taalhammer for a few weeks, things just stick in my memory. It feels like I cannot forget them any more

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Laura Brug Customer Web Consultant

Finally I can learn things applicable to my life

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Stanislav Holub

Taalhammer is a great tool for learning a new language. It uses words and phrases from my own daily life.

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Edyta P Marketing exec

Listen and Learn on the Go on the Language Radio

How about listening to the words and phrases you have learned or created yourself? When you’re jogging, cycling, relaxing or commuting, switch to listening.

Adjust the audio speed to your level. It’ll enable you to watch movies without subtitles and understand native speakers more easily.