… because everyone has the language talent

Any foreign language learner can get to fluency, speed and confidence fast with Taalhammer Atom algorithm. Through smart repetitions and curated content it enables speaking early and boosts language retention

get language reflex
and confidence
find the
drill vocabulary
and sentences
full sentences
Teachers & tutors
  • invite your teacher
  • work together on Taalhammer Boards
  • remember everything from the classes

200 hours to B2 level

1000 words
700 phrases
3300 sentences
200 hrs

200 hours to B2 level

Our statistics shows it takes around 200 hours to get through our core collections. While it corresponds to the B2 level, users learning by drilling full sentences report much higher confidence and fluency in speaking.

Listen and Learn

How about listening repetitions of what you’re learning? Cycling, relaxing or commuting, switch to listening.

Adjust audio speed to your level. It’ll enable you to watch movies without subtitles and understand native speakers easier.