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Taalhammer is the single platform and language learning app to create and share content from language classes, so students can practice more efficiently. Our app, your content.

Hey Language Teachers!

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As a language tutor, you have a methodology that you have been developing for years, and it works! Your students are making progress and they are coming back to you for more.

But are you satisfied with the way they repeat content from classes?

For whom Taalhammer’s Editor AI

For whom Taalhammer’s Editor AI

Online teachers
You teach for language schools online or on platforms like iTalki or Preply. You want to quickly create and organize your content and share it with your students.
You are learning more than one language and you need ultimate control over the learning process. You want your materials organized, including lists, videos, slides, flashcards, and images.
Language learners
You understand that language learning requires effort and that nothing comes for free. You dislike wasting time and prefer to learn in a scientifically backed-up way.

Engage your students in 3 steps

Step 1: Create flashcards
Step 2: Create boards
Step 3: Share with your students

Step 1: Create flashcards

Create easy

Create own lists and add your own flashcards, with words or example sentences

Integrated AI

Powered by AI like automatic translation, text-to-speech or database search

Import from CSV

Batch import content from CSV files (from Anki or generated by ChatGPT)

Step 2: Create boards

Own content

Create explanations, notes or stories for the language radio

Example phrases

Add words or sentences as examples of language use

Online content

Add Google Slides, YouTube films, images or other links.

Step 3: Share with your students

Share link

Share collection link directly with your students

Make public

Make your content public so other users can find it in the language search


Other users cannot modify your collections and flashcards

Try out the AI Editor on desktop and our mobile app on your phone

Creator AI for Teachers

Deep Dive Demonstration

Watch our deep dive demonstration of the AI Creator in Taalhammer: how to create a collection, board (youtube, Google Slides) and flashcards from CSV import or an example sentences database, and how to share it all with your students.