Repetitions: Why you should do homework

When learning a language, repetition is key. The thing with our memory is that within the next few hours after reading information, we forget virtually everything we are trying to learn. It is only subsequent repetition that causes consolidation. Our algorithm is able to calculate the optimal date for the next repetition.

In the settings you can see the details of your homework, such as the date of the next repetition. In the repetition priority section, you can set how often new material will appear and how much of it should appear. If you don’t want to mix your homework and new material, set the frequency to 0. Then the new material will appear only after you have gone through all the replays.

Based on your answers (“Easy,” “Difficult” or “Almost”), Taalhammer will schedule the repetition. Easy elements will be scheduled for repetition further in the future. In addition, you can repeat the more difficult elements again on the same day in a special drill exercise. The algorithm will test you on it more often in the coming days.