How to learn

Learning new words and sentences in a foreign language by debriefing and testing yourself greatly accelerates memorization. In this way, items move more quickly into the long-term memory. It is much better to try to recall the information from our memory than to repeat the material over and over again by reading it again, circling it, taking notes, etc. Taalhammer learning is based on constant questioning and testing.

First we’ll show you five words or sentences on the board. Read them, listen to their pronunciation by clicking on the speaker icons, and try to say them without reading. When you’re ready, click “next.”

Now we’re going to check how many of them you actually managed to remember, one by one. At first, we’ll just show you a question, that is, a sentence or phrase in the source language (for example English), and you should say it in the target language, the one you’re learning.

When you are ready, click “Show answer.” Now evaluate yourself: click “Difficult,” “Almost” or “Easy” . Based on your self-assessment, our application schedules subsequent repetitions so as to speed up memorization.

Now we will show you additional sentences, similar to the one you just learned. If you like an example, you can add it to your learning by clicking on the star next to the sentence.

Click “Next” to continue.