Drill – repetition on steroids

Drill is a special memory exercise. It forces your memory to work harder and accelerates the loading of words and sentences into your long-term memory. Here you train in all the difficult elements so that they quickly become easy in the coming days. This mechanism of repeating elements that are difficult is based on the scientific theory of “desirable difficulty.”

All the flashcards that you rated as “Difficult” or “Almost” go to the drill queue. In drill, you will repeat these flashcards, sometimes even several times, until you rate each one as “Easy.”

You can start an exercise session at any time by clicking on the button with the word “Drill,” which also shows you how many items you have in the drill. You can start and stop this exercise whenever you want and as often as you need. 
It’s best to get down to the drill when there are at least twenty-five elements in it. Otherwise it is too easy. Of course, there can be more. Just remember that one hundred and fifty elements in a drill is quite a lot of work. The records of the most hardcore users are about three hundred elements.