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How to learn Dutch? What is the fastest way to learn Dutch? What is the best method to learn Dutch?
Those are the most asked questions regarding learning Dutch. Every year thousands of people start to learn Dutch language. Unfortunately around 50% of them will drop out within six  months. Next 30% will give up within the first year without reaching confidence to speak

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Regular verbs in Dutch and their conjugation in all tenses. Tables and lots of examples.

Regular verbs are the majority of the verbs in Dutch. The follow conjugation patterns and rules.  To conjugate them, we first have to find the stem in the verb and…

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How to conjugate irregular verbs in Dutch. Theory, tables and lots of examples.

Irregularity in verbs was originally the norm. This means that verb forms were ‘regular’ when they were irregular. This is how languages evolved – largely through random processes, acting in…

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How to Expand Your Vocabulary in Dutch

If you’re one of the brave souls trying your luck at learning a new language, first things first: pat yourself on the back. Learning a new language isn’t easy. Especially…

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Dutch Insults and Swear Words – the History and Art

Understanding the Dutch language, and specifically Dutch slang, will benefit the eager beginner language learner. Learning Dutch swear words and insults is a fun way to get acquainted with the…

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The most difficult aspects of Dutch grammar

I have been living in Wroclaw for about five years now. I chose this city because it wasn’t that far from my family home and it had courses that interested…

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Days of the week, months and seasons in Dutch

As a student of Dutch philology, I have travelled to Belgium and the Netherlands more than once to explore my interests and to learn about the countries I am studying. …

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Conjugation of Dutch verbs 

The conjugation of verbs can keep Dutch language learners up at night. Why are they so important and why do people have so many problems with them? How to tackle…

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Common phrases in Dutch 

Once, when I went to the Netherlands to visit a friend, I was unexpectedly taken by him to a birthday party of a close friend of his. I must admit…

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Dutch Numbers

I remember being at the Loveland music festival in Amsterdam. Somewhere in the crowd I got separated from my group. But it wasn’t so bad, because I met a girl…

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When to use “De” and “Het” in Dutch

When you start learning Dutch, you will quickly realise that without knowing the basics of how to use the definite articles, to use “De” and “Het” in Dutch it will…