How to learn a language with Taalhammer

Hi everyone and welcome to this short demo about how to learn a language with taalhammer.

You always learn with questions and answers. Research has shown that learning in this way stimulates your memory so you remember more and faster. This helps to learn the language very effectively. Each question and answer pair we call a flashcard.

But in Taalhammer, you are not just learning a random list of words. You are learning a carefully selected content that consists of the most frequently spoken words, as well as simple phrases and sentences that illustrate how to combine those words. 

Based on your feedback the algorithm precisely calculates the date of the next repetition. This algorithm was designed to facilitate the transfer of elements from short term memory to long term memory.    

But there is more to it! Learning that way you’re not actually memorising sentences though, you’re memorising patterns!

What you learn consists mostly of words that you have previously learned. That way you don’t focus on the meaning of words, but how to arrange them in a sentence. So you are never bored nor overwhelmed. You are always challenged to stay motivated and keep going!

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