How to learn a language with Taalhammer

Hi everyone and welcome to this short demo about how to learn a language with taalhammer.

You always learn with questions and answers. Research has shown that learning in this way stimulates your memory so you remember more and faster. This helps to learn the language very effectively. Each question and answer pair we call a flashcard.

But in Taalhammer, you are not just learning a random list of words. You are learning a carefully selected content that consists of the most frequently spoken words, as well as simple phrases and sentences that illustrate how to combine those words. 

After showing the answer you give feedback to yourself.  For example:

  • She is the best. … Ze is de beste. … EASY … NEXT
  • Are they the best? … Ze ziiiiijn de beste … Zijn ze de beste? … ALMOST .. NEXT
  • She makes good decisions. … yhmmm … I don’t know … Ze neemt goede beslissingen. … DIFFICULT

Based on your feedback the ATOM algorithm precisely calculates the date of the next repetition. This algorithm was designed to facilitate the transfer of elements from short term memory to long term memory.    

All the flashcards scored DIFFICULT or ALMOST end up in a DRILL queue.  In the DRILL you will repeat those flashcards again and again, for as long as you need — so that you can finally answer EASY to all of them. Answering EASY to all the flashcards will finish the DRILL. Those flashcards will become much easier for you on the next repetition. Although it is not mandatory, we recommend you to finish the DRILL at the end of each learning session. It gives your memory an extra boost!

But there is more to it! Learning that way you’re not actually memorising sentences though, you’re memorising patterns!

What you learn consists mostly of words that you have previously learned. That way you don’t focus on the meaning of words, but how to arrange them in a sentence. So you are never bored nor overwhelmed. You are always challenged to stay motivated and keep going!

Successful learning also means planning your work and keeping track of your progress. Know how many flashcards are scheduled for today, how many for tomorrow and how many you have learned in total.

If you want to go through the same material again on a given day, go to the listening mode where you can listen to all the flashcards that you have previously seen.

So how to start learning?

Go to the languages RIGHT HERE.

You start in the core collections. These are our featured collections carefully prepared by our team.

You can choose the language you want to learn right HERE. Note that we do not offer all languages on that list yet.

You can also search directly RIGHT HERE, for example for “beginners” if this is the level you are looking for.

Now click the green SUBSCRIBE button, and the collection will be added to your LEARNING STREAM. You can see it right here, it contains all collections that you will be learning in the LEARN mode. You can always come back here and UNSUBSCRIBE, if you want to stop learning a particular collection.

You can also search for collections shared by the users within our community, or, if you are part of a language school that works with taalhammer, like Koentact, you find their internal collections right here.

In this demo, you have learned how to learn using questions and answers, what is a drill and how to plan your learning.

See you in the next demos!

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