Simple recipe to personalise your language learning

how to personalise online language learning

You learn 5 times faster and you remember forever if the content you are learning has a contextual or emotional load.

Yeah, we’ve all heard that but how do we actually do that? 

Well, we solve the problem for you. Use Taalhammer when you search for a meaning or a translation and it will include your search history in your repetitions. Have you found a nice word or interesting sentence on the web? Just paste it in Taalhammer. it will not only make you remember that forever but it’ll train you to use it, with speed and confidence, very soon.

Imagine you had a conversation and wanted to say “Let’s have a drink after work” and did not know how. Just start typing it here 

Taalhammer will search for some examples that you can click and save. You’ll see that You’ll quickly be able to say that sentence fluently. You can also translate your sentence by clicking here.

It’s a very good way of learning. By remembering the whole sentence you also learn the structure and the way of saying something. There is more to it, our Spaced Repetition algorithm trains you on that sentence so you can easily recall, say and even swap parts of the sentence fluently. This is how we create native-like language reflexes.

Just click Save and we’ll add pronunciation audio for you but more importantly, we’ll add it to your Spaced Repetition queue. 

You can always access it here in your active collection. You can also add images for even stronger memory stimulation. I encourage you to add a few example sentences as often as possible. 

For example, let’s add not only that but also “Are you coming for drinks after work?” 

That way you’ll quickly remember and be able to say a few things about a topic. Let’s add not only a question but also negation: “Are you not coming for drinks?

This will allow you to quickly automate things in a language like asking questions, negating, accepting, confirming something, etc.

You can easily create many variations of sentences by changing the person speaking or moving it to the future or in the past.

With few clicks you can add to your learning something like that:

Do you go for a run?

Will you go for a run?

Did he go to the gym?

We went to the gym yesterday.

They didn’t go anywhere today.

Learning statistics of our users show that our algorithms show an element only on certain days our brains usually need 45 days to master an element really well. 

People often think about remembering the whole sentence as something hard or laborious. Not true!

Write rather short sentences where you already know at least 80% of words. 

Don’t worry about the workload. Our Spaced Repetition algorithm called Atom will optimize repetitions.

This is a very powerful and natural way of learning a language.


Last but not least. You can hack your memory even further and train your ear by listening to everything you saved or learned from other collections in the listening mode.

This is hands free activity where you can listen to everything you’re learning.

Studies report that combining language learning and physical activities improve your ability to remember information by 25%

Thank you for watching and enjoy language learning with Taalhammer!

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