What is Taalhammer?

Did you know that more than 80% of language students fail in reaching conversational fluency?

Are you one of that 80%? I was.

Why is that?

When you want to have conversations and interact with people, you need to use sentences. However, in the current language learning methods, online and offline, teachers and applications, there is no focus on training full sentences.

There is a better way to learn a language!

Train the language with taalhammer!

  • You will gain confidence by using full sentences
  • You’ll understand 75% of the things you hear in the new language, including movies
  • You will engage in social situations, like asking someone out.

How do we do that?

Using advanced statistics we have carefully selected 1270 most commonly spoken words and we combined them into 4000 simple sentences. We call them Core Collections. These collections will help you to speak with confidence, to use phrases and full sentences. You’ll learn a lot more than the meaning of words!

What do you need to do?

You need to learn the collection! Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm called Atom will optimise your repetitions by serving the right content at the right time. This will reduce learning time and increase retention, so you will speak in less than no time. 

Good luck!